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FLHRC GOK OC.jpg (314377 bytes) FLHRC GOK OF2.jpg (293014 bytes)  FLHRC GOK RR.jpg (295052 bytes)  FLHRC GOK NR.jpg (301035 bytes)  FLHRC GOK NF2.jpg (296503 bytes)  FLHRC GOK IN.jpg (279430 bytes)
FLHRC GOK OF.jpg (291935 bytes) FLHRC GOK OS.jpg (291252 bytes)  FLHRC GOK OR.jpg (295888 bytes)  FLHRC GOK NR2.jpg (299234 bytes)  FLHRC GOK NS.jpg (288600 bytes)  FLHRC GOK NF.jpg (300217 bytes)
FLHRC GOK FF.jpg (144121 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLHRC 1584 Road King Classic 
October 2008 58 Reg (2009 model)    Vivid Black    8,600 miles    One owner
Service history    Stage 1 and Vance & Hines Touring Oval silencers
Quick-detach passenger backrest    Quick-detach luggage rack
Combination speedo / rev counter    Get-a-Grip hand grips
Visor style headlamp & passing light bezels    Nostalgic saddlebag guard rails
Chrome axle covers, fender skirt, timer cover & passenger footboard covers  
ABS brakes    Remarkable condition  10,750

FLHR RX08 OC.jpg (311507 bytes) FLHR RX08 OF2.jpg (293884 bytes)  FLHR RX08 OR2.jpg (293633 bytes)  FLHR RX08 NR2.jpg (300662 bytes)  FLHR RX08 NF.jpg (295139 bytes)  FLHR RX08 ORC.jpg (305213 bytes)
FLHR RX08 OF.jpg (296050 bytes) FLHR RX08 OS.jpg (298753 bytes)  FLHR RX08 OR.jpg (302438 bytes)  FLHR RX08 NR.jpg (294148 bytes)  FLHR RX08 NS.jpg (284490 bytes)  FLHR RX08 NF.jpg (295139 bytes)
FLHR RX08 FF.jpg (148769 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLHR 1584 Road King 
May 2008 08 Reg    Dark Blue Pearl    23,300 miles    Two owners
Stage 1 and Screamin' Eagle slash-down silencers with removable baffles
Road King Sundowner touring seat    Touring handlebars with Get-a-Grip hand grips
Quick-detach passenger backrest / luggage rack    Headlamp & passing light bezels
Willy G collection brake pedal, shifter pegs, dash insert & fender tips    ABS brakes  SOLD

FLSTF B8 ORC.jpg (284750 bytes) FLSTF B8 NC.jpg (298042 bytes)  FLSTF B8 OR.jpg (284030 bytes)  FLSTF B8 NR2.jpg (277595 bytes)  FLSTF B8 NF.jpg (290740 bytes)  FLSTF B8 IN.jpg (270172 bytes)
FLSTF B8 OF.jpg (292357 bytes) FLSTF B8 OS.jpg (287835 bytes)  FLSTF B8 OR2.jpg (293641 bytes)  FLSTF B8 NR.jpg (280910 bytes)  FLSTF B8 NS.jpg (285979 bytes)  FLSTF B8 NF3.jpg (287863 bytes)
FLSTF B8 FF.jpg (140299 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLSTF 1584 Softail Fat Boy
March 2007 07 Reg    White Gold Pearl    12,900 miles    One owner
Screamin' Eagle Race Tuner &
Vance & Hines silencers    Kuryakyn Hypercharger
Chrome switch clusters & levers, master cylinder cover & clutch lever bracket
Willy G grips, footboard inserts, highway pegs, passenger foot pegs, timer & derby covers

Visor style headlamp bezel    Smoked indicator lenses    Tank pouch    Front axle spinners
Chrome toolbox, regulator cover, transmission interface cover, pulley & lower belt covers

Layback No plate holder    Chrome rear axle covers, tail light cover & rear fender tip  9,250

FLSTF BKF OC.jpg (315002 bytes) FLSTF BKF OFB.jpg (290025 bytes)  FLSTF BKF NFB2.jpg (298645 bytes)  FLSTF BKF ORB.jpg (299837 bytes)  FLSTF BKF ORC.jpg (305960 bytes)  FLSTF BKF NC.jpg (301711 bytes)
FLSTF BKF NF.jpg (298684 bytes) FLSTF BKF OR.jpg (298766 bytes)  FLSTF BKF NRB.jpg (293483 bytes)  FLSTF BKF OFB2.jpg (285297 bytes)  FLSTF BKF NSB.jpg (284547 bytes)  FLSTF BKF NFB.jpg (296494 bytes)
FLSTF BKF FF.jpg (150370 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLSTF 1450 Softail Fat Boy
September 2004 54 Reg    Impact Blue Pearl & Vivid Black    32,000 miles    Service history
Stage 1 and Vance & Hines Long Shots exhaust system    Chain drive conversion
Heritage classic seats    Quick-detach passenger backrest / luggage rack    Saddlebags    
Moustache engine guards    LED headlamp with visor style bezel    Clear indicator lenses
Chrome & rubber brake pedal, shifter pegs & passenger foot pegs    Braided brake hoses
Chrome switch clusters & Aileron grips    Front indicator bezels    Arlen Ness horn cover
Chrome fender tips, swingarm inserts & tail light cover    Layback No plate holder
Willy G timer cover & derby covers    Flames collection gear linkage rod    SOLD

FLSTC VAV OFS.jpg (290284 bytes) FLSTC VAV ORS.jpg (298061 bytes)  FLSTC VAV NR2.jpg (284808 bytes)  FLSTC VAV NF.jpg (290508 bytes)  FLSTC VAV OR2.jpg (302495 bytes)  FLSTC VAV NRC.jpg (287604 bytes)
FLSTC VAV OC.jpg (312401 bytes) FLSTC VAV NF2.jpg (290938 bytes)  FLSTC VAV NS.jpg (280372 bytes)  FLSTC VAV NR.jpg (284335 bytes)  FLSTC VAV OR.jpg (300083 bytes)  FLSTC VAV OF.jpg (289229 bytes)
FLSTC VAV FF.jpg (133318 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLSTC 1450 Softail Heritage Classic
June 2004 04 Reg    Vivid Black    10,900 miles    Two owners    Service history
Stage 1 and Vance & Hines True Duals exhaust system with fish tail silencers
Beach 'bars and Kuryakyn ISO grips    Front & rear nostalgic fender guard rails
Engine guards with highway pegs    Saddlebag guards    Half-moon footboards
Windscreen pouch & fuel tank pouch    Rear fender luggage rack    Helmet lock
Heritage classic rear mud flap    Layback No plate holder    Rear axle covers
Chrome front fork wind deflectors, front fender skirt, speedo visor & toolbox
Chrome timer cover, regulator cover & inner primary cover    Exceptional  9,250

FLSTS JW3 IN.jpg (245722 bytes) FLSTS JW3 RR.jpg (319787 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 NR2.jpg (297592 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 OF.jpg (281835 bytes)  FLSTS JW2 NF2.jpg (299794 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 SP.jpg (291502 bytes)
FLSTS JW3 OC.jpg (314254 bytes) FLSTS JW3 OR.jpg (319182 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 OF2.jpg (284087 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 NF.jpg (289449 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 NR.jpg (296694 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 NC.jpg (300689 bytes)
FLSTS JW3 FF.jpg (133593 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLSTS 1340 Softail Heritage Springer
September 1997 R Reg   
Birch White with Red ribbon    2,100 miles    One owner
Windscreen with Springer pouch    Rider backrest pad    Passenger backrest & luggage rack
Passenger footboards with chrome covers    Chrome levers & master cylinder cap
Chrome & rubber footboard inserts & brake pedal    Front & rear Springer mud flaps
Engine guards    Teardrop style fork rocker covers    Front fender stanchions    
The "harliest" of Harleys  SOLD

FLSTS 97P OC.jpg (313083 bytes) FLSTS 97P ORC.jpg (295944 bytes)  FLSTS 97P OF2.jpg (286307 bytes)  FLSTS 97P NR2.jpg (296053 bytes)  FLSTS 97P NRC.jpg (291653 bytes)  FLSTS 97P NC.jpg (299644 bytes)
FLSTS 97P NF.jpg (292078 bytes) FLSTS 97P NS.jpg (289495 bytes)  FLSTS 97P NR.jpg (293068 bytes)  FLSTS 97P OR.jpg (284163 bytes)  FLSTS 97P OS.jpg (287885 bytes)  FLSTS 97P OF.jpg (286999 bytes)
FLSTS 97P FF.jpg (128611 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLSTS 1340 Softail Heritage Springer
May 1997 P Reg    Birch White with Blue ribbon    5,600 miles    Two owners from new
Large capacity fuel tanks    S&S Super E carburettor and air filter    Fan tail silencers
Passenger backrest & luggage rack with Springer top case    Springer mud flaps
Windscreen with Springer pouch    Headlamp, passing light & indicator visors
Engine guards    Passenger footboards with chrome covers    Front fender stanchions
Teardrop style fork rocker covers    "Live to Ride" mirrors, fuel caps & derby cover
Chrome & rubber grips, footboard inserts, brake pedal & shifter pegs    Chrome toolbox
Chrome switch clusters, master cylinder cap, regulator & transmission interface cover
Floating brake discs    Braided cables & hoses    Datatool alarm    Lovely bike  14,990

48 OC.jpg (290181 bytes) 48 NF.jpg (292387 bytes)  48 NR2.jpg (292743 bytes)  48 OR2.jpg (280997 bytes)  48 OF.jpg (298711 bytes)  48 IN.jpg (208518 bytes)
48 OF2.jpg (296609 bytes) 48 OS.jpg (296874 bytes)  48 OR.jpg (282133 bytes)  48 NR.jpg (292862 bytes)  48 NS.jpg (284303 bytes)  48 NF2.jpg (291327 bytes)
48 FF.jpg (156526 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  XL1200X Sportster 48
September 2014 64 Reg    Vivid Black    2,700 miles
White Wall tyres    Side mount No plate    
Nostalgic grips    ABS brakes    SOLD

XL1200CB.jpg (178715 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  XL1200 CB Sportster Custom
April 2013 13 Reg    Denim Black    15,300 miles    Service history
Stage 1 and Screamin' Eagle Pro-Tuner    Vance & Hines slash-down silencers
passenger backrest    Smoked indicator lenses    6,250

XL883R 08 OF.jpg (298754 bytes) XL883R 08 OS.jpg (296757 bytes)  XL883R 08 OR.jpg (303780 bytes)  XL883R 08 NR.jpg (278524 bytes)  XL883R 08 NS.jpg (280348 bytes)  XL883R 08 NF.jpg (293376 bytes)
XL883R 08 RR.jpg (298761 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  XL883R Sportster 
June 2008 08 Reg    Mirage Orange Pearl    11,800 miles    Service history
Stage 1 and Remus silencers    Windscreen    SOLD

MT-10 OC.jpg (286521 bytes) MT-10 NC.jpg (269343 bytes)  MT-10 ORC.jpg (302564 bytes)  MT-10 NRC.jpg (314970 bytes)  MT-10 NF2.jpg (322000 bytes)  MT-10 IN.jpg (280739 bytes)
MT-10 NF.jpg (332360 bytes) MT-10 NS.jpg (324063 bytes)  MT-10 NR.jpg (313145 bytes)  MT-10 OR.jpg (312911 bytes)  MT-10 OS.jpg (308299 bytes)  MT-10 OF.jpg (310839 bytes)
MT-10 FF.jpg (153301 bytes) YAMAHA  MT-10
October 2016 66 Reg    Race Blu    1,700 miles    One careful owner
Datatag    Radiator & oil cooler guards    Heated grips    
Paddock stand bobbins    9,750

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