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FLSTF HXG OC.jpg (336750 bytes) FLSTF HXG OR2.jpg (323147 bytes)  FLSTF HXG NR.jpg (306012 bytes)  FLSTF HXG NF3.jpg (322814 bytes)  FLSTF HXG NR3.jpg (305830 bytes)  FLSTF HXG ORC.jpg (318290 bytes)
FLSTF HXG NR2.jpg (315872 bytes) FLSTF HXG NS.jpg (321838 bytes)  FLSTF HXG NF2.jpg (323600 bytes)  FLSTF HXG OF.jpg (302486 bytes)  FLSTF HXG OS.jpg (313213 bytes)  FLSTF HXG OR.jpg (316393 bytes)
FLSTF HXG FF.jpg (153922 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLSTF 1584 Softail Fat Boy
March 2007 07 Reg    Deep Cobalt Blue custom paintwork    10,800 miles    One owner
Stage 1 and Vance & Hines two-into-one exhaust    Harley-Davidson "Blade" chrome wheels
Complete chrome front end   
Screamin' Eagle seat    Quick-detach passenger backrest
1.25 inch Beach 'bars (internally wired) with chrome switch clusters, levers & grips
Chrome master cylinder and clutch lever bracket    Diamondback braided cables & hoses
Chrome swingarm and air ride rear suspension    Combination speedo & rev counter
Flames collection foot board inserts, brake pedal, shifter peg & rear foot pegs
Arlen Ness air filter    Headlamp & indicator bezels    Kuryakyn LED tail light
Chrome axle covers, fork top covers, No plate holder etc    Great looking bike  9,750

FLSTC 53 OF2.jpg (320149 bytes) FLSTC 53 OS.jpg (344953 bytes)  FLSTC 53 OR.jpg (334271 bytes)  FLSTC 53 NR.jpg (333022 bytes)  FLSTC 53 NS.jpg (361052 bytes)  FLSTC 53 OF.jpg (312589 bytes)
FLSTC 53 FF.jpg (148293 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLSTC 1450 Softail Heritage Classic  100th Anniversary
September 2003 53 Reg  (carburettor model)    Vivid Black    10,600 miles    One owner
Stage 1 & Screamin' Eagle slash-cut silencers    Quick-detach Heritage Classic leather Tour-Pak
Chrome swingarm    Headlamp & passing light bezels    Bullet indicators    Teardrop mirrors
Chrome switch clusters & levers, front brake master cylinder & clutch lever bracket
Chrome regulator cover, front axle covers, swingarm pivot covers, lower belt cover,
fuel cock, choke knob & tail light surround    Willy G grips & air cleaner cover    
Braided cables & hoses    8,750

FLST 55 OC.jpg (289667 bytes) FLST 55 NF.jpg (314651 bytes)  FLST 55 NR.jpg (306490 bytes)  FLST 55 OR.jpg (307806 bytes)  FLST 55 OS.jpg (302208 bytes)  FLST 55 NC.jpg (282079 bytes)
FLST 55 ORS.jpg (315613 bytes) FLST 55 OR2.jpg (307183 bytes)  FLST 55 OF.jpg (292934 bytes)  FLST 55 NF2.jpg (314269 bytes)  FLST 55 NS.jpg (315981 bytes)  FLST 55 NR2.jpg (303990 bytes)
FLST 55 FFS.jpg (137776 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLSTI 1450 Softail Heritage Standard
January 2006 55 Reg    Fire Red Pearl    17,300 miles    
Windscreen    Saddlebags    Passenger mini backrest    Engine guards    Nostalgic grips
Tank console pouch    Chrome axle covers & gear linkage rod    under deposit

FLSTS JW3 IN.jpg (245722 bytes) FLSTS JW3 RR.jpg (319787 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 NR2.jpg (297592 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 OF.jpg (281835 bytes)  FLSTS JW2 NF2.jpg (299794 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 SP.jpg (291502 bytes)
FLSTS JW3 OC.jpg (314254 bytes) FLSTS JW3 OR.jpg (319182 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 OF2.jpg (284087 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 NF.jpg (289449 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 NR.jpg (296694 bytes)  FLSTS JW3 NC.jpg (300689 bytes)
FLSTS JW3 FF.jpg (133593 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLSTS 1340 Softail Heritage Springer
September 1997 R Reg   
Birch White with Red ribbon    2,100 miles    One owner
Windscreen with Springer pouch    Rider backrest pad    Passenger backrest & luggage rack
Passenger footboards with chrome covers    Chrome levers & master cylinder cap
Chrome & rubber footboard inserts & brake pedal    Front & rear Springer mud flaps
Engine guards    Teardrop style fork rocker covers    Front fender stanchions    
The "harliest" of Harleys  16,250

FLHR 08 OC.jpg (330607 bytes) FLHR 08 OF3.jpg (304384 bytes)  FLHR 08 OF.jpg (307885 bytes)  FLHR 08 NR.jpg (316554 bytes)  FLHR 08 FT.jpg (313381 bytes)  FLHR 08 NC.jpg (323510 bytes)
FLHR 08 OF2.jpg (311823 bytes) FLHR 08 OS.jpg (303843 bytes)  FLHR 08 OR.jpg (326144 bytes)  FLHR 08 NR2.jpg (319115 bytes)  FLHR 08 NS.jpg (314695 bytes)  FLHR 08 NF.jpg (332937 bytes)
FLHR 08 FF.jpg (146311 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLHR 1584 Road King
March 2008 08 Reg    Vivid Black with additional custom pin striping    24,000 miles
Service history    Two owners from new    Road King Sundowner touring seat
Screamin' Eagle silencers with removable fish tail end caps    Pannier lid rails
Quick-detach passenger backrest / luggage rack    Kuryakyn LED tail light
Chrome passenger footboard covers    Nostalgic saddlebag guard rails
ABS brakes    Really nice bike  9,990

FLHRC YWW OC.jpg (277401 bytes) FLHRC YWW OF2.jpg (284809 bytes)  FLHRC YWW NF2.jpg (297129 bytes)  FLHRC YWW NRB.jpg (264038 bytes)  FLHRC YWW OR2.jpg (277297 bytes)  FLHRC YWW NC.jpg (290980 bytes)
FLHRC YWW NF.jpg (300328 bytes) FLHRC YWW NS.jpg (306298 bytes)  FLHRC YWW NR.jpg (237351 bytes)  FLHRC YWW OR.jpg (280419 bytes)  FLHRC YWW OS2.jpg (293642 bytes)  FLHRC YWW OF.jpg (279040 bytes)
FLHRC YWW FF.jpg (138365 bytes)FLHRC YWW IN2.jpg (281669 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLHR 1584 Road King Classic
January 2007 56 Reg    White Gold Pearl & Deep Cobalt Pearl    24,700 miles
Hard saddlebags with Harley Boom Audio speakers    Shark audio system (radio & MP3)
Stage 1 and True Duals exhaust system with Reinhart silencers    Fat spoke front wheel
Complete chrome front end   Harrison Billet 6 front brake calipers   Moustache engine guards
Daymaker headlamp & passing lights    Headlamp, passing light & indicator visor style bezels
Smoked indicator lenses    1.25 inch handlebars (internally wired) with heated grips
Chrome switch clusters & master cylinder cover    Braided cables & hoses    Cruise control  Road King Custom wind deflector    Combination speedo & rev counter with chrome visor
Quick-detach passenger backrest    Slotted collection brake pedal & gear lever    LED tail light
Chrome passenger footboard covers, steering lock cover, timer cover, regulator cover,
front axle covers, front fender skirt, rear fender extension, air baffle & saddlebag infill panels
"Live to Ride" air cleaner cover etc    Fortune spent  9,750

FLHR 02 OFB.jpg (302034 bytes) FLHR 02 OSB.jpg (305357 bytes)  FLHR 02 ORB.jpg (320862 bytes)  FLHR 02 NRB.jpg (316154 bytes)  FLHR 02 NSB.jpg (315888 bytes)  FLHR 02 NFB2.jpg (312392 bytes)
FLHR 02 NF.jpg (309652 bytes) FLHR 02 NS.jpg (319511 bytes)  FLHR 02 NR.jpg (312603 bytes)  FLHR 02 OR3.jpg (306083 bytes)  FLHR 02 OF2.jpg (291227 bytes)  FLHR 02 OF.jpg (297135 bytes)
FLHR 02 FF.jpg (160986 bytes)FLHR 02 OC.jpg (310107 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLHR 1450 Road King 
July 2002 02 Reg  (carburettor model)    Vivid Black    12,200 miles
Detachable Bat Wing fairing plus original windscreen    Screamin' Eagle Touring silencers
Road King Sundowner touring seat    Quick-detach passenger backrest with luggage rack 
Headlamp, passing light & indicator bezels    Smoked indicator lenses    Teardrop mirrors
Chrome switch clusters, master cylinder cover, clutch lever bracket & steering lock cover
Bar & Shield grips & dash insert    V-logo indicator warning lights    Temperature gauge
V-logo front fender guard rails, fender skirt, side panel grilles & passenger footboard covers
Saddlebag guard rails & lid rails    Headbolt bridges    Locking fuel cap    Helmet locks  
Chrome inner primary drive case, transmission interface cover, timer & regulator covers
Chrome brake caliper covers, axle covers, air baffle, gear linkage rod, neutral switch cover,
rear master cylinder cap, clutch cable guide etc    Superb  8,750

FLHR EFC NF2.jpg (323941 bytes) FLHR EFC NS.jpg (331694 bytes)  FLHR EFC NR.jpg (306258 bytes)  FLHR EFC NFS.jpg (330428 bytes)  FLHR EFC OFS.jpg (308801 bytes)  FLHR EFC NRS.jpg (315584 bytes)
FLHR EFC FF.jpg (151728 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  FLHR 1450 Road King   
September 2006 56 Reg    Vivid Black    31,400 miles    

Vance & Hines Touring Oval silencers    Tinted windscreen
Saddlebag guard rails & pannier lid rails    Chrome primary drive cover    under deposit

XL1200X 1212 OF.jpg (311073 bytes) XL1200X 1212 OR.jpg (316105 bytes)  XL1200X 1212 NR.jpg (314019 bytes)  XL1200X 1212 NF2.jpg (334782 bytes)  XL1200X 1212 NS.jpg (358670 bytes)  XL1200X 1212 NR3.jpg (316018 bytes)
XL1200X 1212 FF.jpg (162978 bytes) HARLEY-DAVIDSON  XL1200X Sportster Forty-Eight
June 2012 12 Reg    Vivid Black    5,600 miles    Service history
Pillion seat pad & foot pegs    SOLD

V-Max OC2.jpg (280317 bytes) V-Max NC.jpg (278421 bytes)  V-Max OF2.jpg (294473 bytes)  V-Max NF.jpg (307570 bytes)  V-Max ORC.jpg (296278 bytes)  V-Max NRC.jpg (275086 bytes)
V-Max NF2.jpg (306673 bytes) V-Max OF3.jpg (296792 bytes)  V-Max OS.jpg (286011 bytes)  V-Max NS.jpg (278065 bytes)  V-Max NR2.jpg (285994 bytes)  V-Max NR.jpg (286436 bytes)
V-Max FF.jpg (126486 bytes) YAMAHA  V-MAX  (1700cc)
April 2015 15 Reg    Matt Grey    1,300 dry miles    One owner
Amazing bike  under deposit

ST1300A NF.jpg (312470 bytes) ST1300A NS.jpg (315168 bytes)  ST1300A NR.jpg (304905 bytes)  ST1300A OR2.jpg (293002 bytes)  ST1300A OF.jpg (303137 bytes)  ST1300A IN.jpg (217887 bytes)
ST1300A FF.jpg (141884 bytes) HONDA  ST1300A Pan-European
January 2007 56 Reg    Metallic Grey    42,700 miles    
Heated grips    ABS brakes    4,950

Ducati-Monster-821.jpg (332807 bytes) DUCATI  Monster M821 
April 2015 15 Reg    Star White Silk    5,200 miles    Service history    
One owner    Datatag    6,750

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